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Певец: Papa Roach

Композиция: The Fire

Длина: 03:32


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Текст песни:

Die a little everyday
Break the silence when you say
You don't love me anymore
In my face you slam the door
Making up making out
Falling in and falling out
When you kiss me like a stranger
That is when we are in danger
Fly around the fire
In and out of desire
I gotta love you gotta have you
Don't want to let you down again
When i kiss you like a lvoer
That is when we discover
We are burning in the fire
This love will neer tire
When i fell you that i need you
Please believe that i won't have you
You're a diamond i'm a heart
Living is the house of cards
I gotta love you i gotta have you
Don't want to let you down again

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Papa Roach - The Fire (Lyrics ON SCREEN)
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