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Певец: Norther

Композиция: We Rock

Длина: 03:56


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Текст песни:

This road is long and a rocky one
Here we go and we ain't done
We won't give in, hell NO
We won't give up
This is the time, this is the place
And we have what it takes
The will and the strength

We're walking tall, never gonna fall
Till the end we go, in the end we'll show
What we have done, what we are made of
You can hear us play, you can hear us say

We Rock!!

We are getting closer to get this done
A lot of shit and some fun
A rainbow on the screen
Drinking in the red lights
In the end you will hear us rock

The way we go is our way
Raise up your hands and show us the beast
We Rock!!
The way we live is our way
So let's get loud and say what we say

Hey, hey, hey, hey
Hell yeah you'll learn that the way we burn
Is too much for you, you ain't gotta clue
We go our way, you are forced to stay
Our aim is high, reaching for the sky

Solo: P. Lindroos / K. Ranta
Solo: T. Planman

We Rock!!


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