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Певец: ВИА "Мардук"

Композиция: Черный мучитель Сатаны

Длина: 04:15


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Текст песни:

The Black Tormentor Of Satan

When the dark clouds in the sky open
A thousand eyes burn in the night
A kneeling shape in a void of fire gazes out over this world
Within a blink of an eye
A gruesome face looks down from the sky
On this world where darkness soon will reign
And the people shall meet their new King
That night will be the one
That will open the gates to the realm beyond
And the wings of funeral will take my soul
And complete the eclipse of my heart

..And the Black tormentor of Satan
Will take all our lives on this night
He who comes with domination - A shadow of our infernal King

When the faces of the idols have turned from white to black
And the cross is inverted
Then strong we will stand when a hint from the Emperor's hand
Unleash the black winds of hate
When the demons are raping the angels
And the priests are burned on stakes
When blood is dripping from the sky
And the bond of the trinity cracks

And the Black tormentor of Satan - He who stand as one with the dark
He who brought the damnation - A shadow of our infernal King

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